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Services + Networking are what make us great!  

CACNY provides members with a host of professional development and outreach opportunities that help to connect students to college and career planning, the latest financial aid information, and a variety of important student-centered career-and college counseling resources.
Most importantly, CACNY is a professional networking organization comprised of upbeat and positive people who thrive on collaboration. Our members' greatly benefit from the student-focused, service connections that are made through membership in CACNY. As an organization, we are a conduit that connects secondary schools, CBOs and colleges; and we plan activities that support and encourage strong member-to-member interaction and the building of long-lasting professional relationships that greatly serve students, and the schools and organizations the individual member representatives work in.
All CACNY members are invited to attend our monthly meetings held the second Thursday of each month, from September through June. To better know one another and the individual members' programs, and to appreciate the intricacies and differing cultures of the communities where the members' students are educated and served, CACNY meetings are intentionally hosted at different member sites on a rotating and purely voluntary basis.
Meeting monthly affords all participating members an opportunity to learn first-hand about college access topics. This includes everything from admissions trends to acquiring information and new tips on financial aid, as well as sharing best practices in college access counseling.
Meetings also offer members that all-important-network with their peers; where information about upcoming events, trainings, conferences, and other professional development opportunities is widely shared. Collaboration and sharing are essential ingredients of what actually makes CACNY and our member organizations an outstanding, professional group to be part of!

Staying connected beyond CACNY's monthly meetings
Our website provides members with a host of information about programs and opportunities specific to their work needs and interests. Resources are gathered and frequently updated to help our members better assist their students in achieving success in their academic, higher learning and career pursuits.

  • College and Career Planning Resources: Members will find numerous, up-to-date resources available to help young adults apply to college and plan their careers.
  • Member Contacts and Resources: Logged-in members can readily access our secure database of all CACNY members, as well as find college and career planning resources offered at CACNY-member schools, higher education institutions and a wealth of great organizations doing the daily work we are all dedicated to.
  • Electronic Communication Tools - Coming Soon! CACNY members will soon be able to share time-sensitive information through the CACNY network. They can also review a calendar of events and activities offered by members in the CACNY network.
If you are a current member and would like to update your account or access extensive information about other members, please log into the CACNY online membership system.
If you are unable to access your account or you have any questions, please contact the Membership Chair by clicking here: Membership Chair.
Each year, CACNY members are invited to nominate seniors in good standing from their participating high schools and community-based organizations. The scholarships are underwritten by annual member dues and allow the organization to offer three distinct monetary categories of awards. To be considered, qualified senior-student candidates are required to complete CACNY's scholarship application which includes the nomination from a current CACNY member.

The Scholarship Committee carefully reviews all applications and awards four scholarships each year.

• One - $1,000 scholarship
• One - $500 scholarship
• Two - $250 book awards
The award winners are ceremoniously presented at the May monthly CACNY meeting. This meeting becomes a special event for CACNY— and we take great pride in honoring both the student awardees as well as their CACNY member nominators.

CACNY's heart beats by committee. . .

All CACNY members are invited to participate in the life-blood of the organization: our committee work! As a professional-member driven body, we believe that everyone brings something vital to CACNY's proverbial table, and those unique elements get voluntarily served through a hand-full of interesting and important committees. Both the work done, and the professional camaraderie accomplished in CACNY's committees have proven over time to be an essential force that both nurtures and sustains the organization's goals and development, and also helps our member organizations advance their own.

We invite you to have a look at the descriptions of CACNY's committees. . . then select the one you're most interested in and get involved!


CACNY members are invited to join one of the following committees:

  • Scholarship Committee is responsible for selecting finalists for CACNY's Annual College Scholarships. Each year, a portion of member dues collected are then allocated to the offering of four scholarship awards: one-$1,000 scholarship, one-$500, scholarship and two-$250 book awards.
  • Resource Committee is responsible for collecting and updating college and career resources CACNY provides to our members. The up-to-date resource information available to our members is a key component to our professional success and the organization's thriving growth. Offering this essential resource understandably benefits CACNY members and the students they serve, and also reaches countless others who help the information travel via word-of-mouth throughout extended networks, religious groups and communities.
  • College and Career Planning Activity Committee is responsible for organizing college and career-planning events for our members and the students they work with everyday. The committee plans a minimum of two exciting and informative events that are looked forward to, and well attended each year. CACNY events have included college fairs and professional development sessions for members, their students and families.
  • Advocacy Committee is responsible for addressing college-related issues and policies that affect our work,and the academic lives of the students our members serve. This committee has a unique charge and imparts to our members, relevant information vetted from education advocacy groups who are organizing students, parents, teachers and administrators across the city to understand the ramifications of changing policies, and to know their rights. There is a surging movement struggling to win smarter education reform measures, funding for greater student support services and to have equitable access to high quality, free, and affordable education opportunities for all college bound, as well as college-enrolled, New Yorkers.

The very best education organizations and professionals working in this industry are CACNY members...

CACNY's extensive member-base encompasses all types of entities that provide academic and education enrichment services to students residing in New York City. Our members include community-based organizations, public and private middle and high schools, higher education institutions and individuals.

Using the password protected section of this website, CACNY members only have to log in for access to their peers.

CACNY also hosts a listserv which is reserved for use only by our members.

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